Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sent to the office
as kids, well-behaved adults
return willingly.


Stomach trouble lets you walk
a little boy in space

His Mom and a lot of daddies go
cheerfully up and down.

A boy asks a mom what she and the daddy did.
"Oh," she explains,"your daddy has a big stomach
and I must be able to sometimes help flatten it."

A boy says that you waste your time, that
when you go for shopping,

the next woman
can get down on her knee

and get it right back up.

Text found and bastardized here and using this

Thursday, August 20, 2009

(This is based on a real experiment performed in the conveyed place)

Please put eight monkeys in a room.
There is a ladder common to
a banana, which I hung
from a hook on the ceiling of a room.

Whenever a monkey is going to climb a ladder,
all monkeys are sprayed with cold water
and are miserable.


Thank you for your letter refusing my
application of a job in your company.

I abnormally received refusal from the
organizations which had big numerical spirit.

Many companies found me inappropriate,
and--after careful consideration--I am sorry.


I attack him without all of the other monkeys,
expecting the spray when the monkey tries
to climb a ladder and beat me up. Neither of eight
monkeys tries to climb a ladder so far.

Then an original monkey is got rid of
and a new monkey is put in a room.
I watch a banana and a ladder, and wonder
why no other monkeys does an axiom.
However, the new one is not daunted,
and begins to climb the ladder immediately.


I think that what I can tell you about being impossible
is that I accept your refusal to be that to me.

The situation changes
and a person can never know
when a new demand for refusal produces it.


And as for the other monkey,
responsibility depends on him
and he swats it till he becomes stupid.

I don't understand him.
However, he doesn't try anymore
to climb a ladder.

The second original monkey is got rid of
and I am switched. A newcomer tries to climb
a ladder again, but all other monkeys bang on his junk.

I include a new monkey before participating in pommeling.
However, he doesn't understand why he attacks a new monkey.


In trying to refuse the employment to me,
please do not consider this letter to be
criticism of your qualification.


All original monkeys are replaced one by one.
There are eight new monkeys now in a room.

None try to climb a ladder: I will beat
up even a new monkey trying it

without understanding why; it is how
a policy of most companies is established.


In rejecting a future candidate,
I pray for the best of luck for you.

Text found and bastardized
here, and here, and using this

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's not so much a matter of inside or outside
but a sense of places they can and cannot go
their inability to understand why
and their indifference to the whole thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hints and Tips

Please put an apple in a bag with a potato
to isolate a potato from germination.

A potato will take a food coloring agent from your finger.
I make a live potato rise against a coloring agent with water.

Please rub it
Please use it

(your pancake)

to knead a meat baster to a hot plate
and to "squeeze" powder.

Please finish
a pancake is formed every time

When I use a banana,
I confirm that my slice is covered up by juice.

Please lower it
you will notice that a banana won't change color

Please cover the outside in an old bar of soap
before using it to clean bread.

When there is a step to paint, please draw a person first;
when he/she/it is dry, please paint the person you omitted.

In this way a step will be fastened inside.