Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Alma" - 5 Songs in a Week, Day 1

Band email

My band "Anyway, Soon"--the only project I'm working on that actually has a live component--has been together since (I think) about March. I met up with Marc, the founder and principal idea man of the group, in the fall of 2008 originally, but before we could really get any work done I was inundated in the initial crush that is grad school, and decided to opt out of working in a band.

Come springtime, I had gotten accustomed to the workload of schoolwork and was ready to give the music thing a try again. Marc had been playing with Erik and they invited me to join in, and our bassist Brett joined up not too long after.

The experience was immediately different for me than any prior musical work I'd done. It was the first time I was in a band of people who were essentially strangers, albeit strangers who happened to share an affinity for music. Further, I wasn't expected to write the songs, nor even all the lyrics. These two things turned out to matter a lot with my first impression of the group, as I realized that over the past several years I'd gotten so accustomed to being the main creative force in "my" band, to realizing "my" creative vision, etc. that it was difficult for me to get emotionally invested.

I felt detached, and I think looking at the earliest songs that I contributed to ("Serenity," "Punchdrunk & Headstrong") it really showed. Also, I'd never written lyrics to someone else's music and, to top it all off, I hadn't really been writing songs actively for the past several years, a period where I tended to write lazy, cynical pseudo-witty little things that kind of bore me to listen to now.

The band started sounding pretty good pretty fast, and I was lagging behind, often taking weeks or in some cases months to get lyrics out for our tunes. For the case of a song like "Punchdrunk" especially, the wait didn't really justify the result. I started to turn it around with "Colour in the Air." It was the first song that we hashed out as a band, a process that ultimately got me very excited about playing again. The lyrics took forever, and though in a lot of ways it's a song about the things I almost always write about, I felt that I'd figured something out about my writing style again (it's amazing how often we have to re-learn the same lessons), and started to get more confidence.

Another great thing that's happened with this group is that everyone seems to have an active interest in the lyric-writing process. In my previous group I don't think the band generally knew the words, and certainly weren't interested in giving any creative input into the process. To be fair, they certainly gave a shit about the music side of things and were not afraid to call me out on a bad idea.

Here, Marc especially is interested in the content that goes to his music, and the two of us have often had very interesting chats (usually via e-mail) about both my lyrics and his. The best result of these talks is that I usually gain a better understanding of what I want to say, but maybe more importantly I've been starting to get a better sense of what we want to say as a group of four people.

Thanks to the work I've had to do in the Amniotic Buzzsaw project, I've also been learning to trust my first instinct a little more, and to not be so deliberate in everything I'm trying to say. "Alma" was a good reinforcement of that. I wrote the first burst of lyrics right before our Dec. 4 show, but since the music wasn't finished, neither were the lyrics. Marc got a full music demo out to me the weekend December 12th, and I sat down to complete my part on Monday the 14th.

Like the lyrics to "Colour," this song, the way I interpret it at least, finds itself on familiar thematic grounds again. The thing I'm happiest with about these lyrics--though I will likely revise much more before I'm happy--is that they approach the song's theme from multiple angles, making its meaning a little less stable (I hope).

Musically, the thing that Marc did really well here was to create a sense of three acts. It's a dramatic tune that covers a lot of ground in a fairly short time, and I tried to transfer that idea to the vocal melody, tying the sections together with repeated lyrics and melodies, though there's no clear chorus to the tune.

I'm pretty excited to see where this one goes, as I know our final version is going to be a lot more exciting than the demo, and I'm really excited about the demo. We're meeting to hash the tune out tomorrow, and I couldn't be more stoked.


Peel me off with my skin
layers lost I'm worn thin

Our histories got in the way
I won't disagree I'll just walk away

Feet land soft on cracked ice
I'll get across if it takes all night

Our histories got in the way

ignore the surface
it's only reflecting a lapse
in judgment's refusal
to forget the past

I'll bring you down to my level to see
a world constructed in humility
routines expired like names on a map
absorb our perspectives with shades of our past

Our histories got in the way
I won't disagree I'll just walk away

What remains?

I'll bring you down to my level to see
a world constructed in humility
routines expired like names on a map
absorb our perspectives with shades of the past
an army of followers falling in line
marching in sand to the cycles of time
in every grain we're reflected in glass
eroded mementos of selves of the past.

What remains?

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Marital Dischord" - Sounds like the 80s threw up.

Band email

On day 2 of my "5 Songs in a Week" project, I made the journey to Jake "Your Tastebuds Can't Repel Flavor of this Magnitude" Frye's place, with a Chicken Mini-Meal from Mickey D's and a six-pack of PBR tallboys in tow. We hadn't had a chance to record since the summer, when the already-classic original trilogy of Buzzsaw tunes was first laid to zeroes and ones.

As a result, we'd had plenty of time to think about what we wanted to do with this song, which I think had us both a little worried. The first three songs came out as fast and as easily as the dramatic reenactments on the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" (yes, I just went there), so I for one had some concerns that we'd had too much time to think about what we wanted with this tune.

The groundrules stayed the same: write as much of a song as possible while drinking too much beer and smoking too many cigarrettes, don't listen to your censor, and don't give a damn about whether the song will actually be good or not. The last rule in that series is, I think, the key to the whole project. "Tastebuds" and I both share a certain, um, taste, for bad music so even a crappy song would find a good home with loving parents if it so chose to buzz its way through our amniotic sac (yes, I am laughing my ass off while I write this). And really, given the amount of drinking and smoking involved, any music baby of ours is bound to be a little defective.

The extra rule this time around was that synths had to be involved. Terrifying. We decided to skip finding a drum beat--as had been the approach for the original holy trinity--and go straight to laying down synth riffs. Jake started (he won the coin toss) and found a nice bassy sound that I'm pretty sure ended up sounding exactly like a digital fart, so of course it was perfect. We put down 5 or 6 parts down in total, with salmon burgers slipped in there somewhere (yes, I had a chicken burger and a salmon burger that day), then we each took a turn at some guitar riffs.

At a certain point, Jake's fiance Krista "The Damn" Bever got home from work, which happened to be just in time for vocals. Since the song sat in a state of unarranged rifftastic chaos, it would have been damn near impossible to do traditional verse/chorus vocals, plus it was sounding dancier by the minute. Fortunately, I'd brought a print up of a whole bunch of quotes from an interview Marshall McLuhan did for Playbody in the late 60s (doesn't everybody carry around quotes from theorists in their back pockets?). It was decided that each of us would pick our favorite three lines from the pages and sing them, and that Jake would then edit them later.

And that's pretty much how I left the song that night. Yesterday Jake got a first mix of it to me and I was downright shocked. If you're going to have a retarded baby, this is the coolest way to do it, I must say.


The viewer becomes the screen.

We can anticipate you and control you.

It doesn't mean a thing until you consume it.

Resenting it will not halt its progress.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

New Song, "Who Wants a Mustache Ride?" over at my Reverbnation page. (Update: should be on the player to your right.) Should be the first one on the playlist.

This tune was written on Garageband, starting with a drumbeat and then guitars, bass, vocals. Lyrics written by Amanda Martin.

The song was the 5th part of an effort to write/co-write 5 songs in a week. It was also an attempt to write in an hour, but this ended up taking about two or three hours instead, with a trip to go see "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" about halfway through.

Lyric (yes, this song is a joke):

My mustache is better than yours
it keeps that space on my face
closer to immortality
hair closer to being free.

Not a caterpillar
not a caterpillar
even though you squirm with glee
to be that hair closer to me

Eat my face, yeah, eat my face.
The mustaches scream
the women all cream
rolling and moaning
on the shag on my face

Not a caterpillar
not a caterpillar
A hairsuit of divinity
a hairsuit to win us free

Eat my face, yeah, eat my face.
My mustache is better than yours
it warms that place on my face.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Found Art No Context

She and The Professor
are the first people in years
to be given permission
to do something extraordinary.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

90s-Off: ADD round and a stray

"Untitled" - Pearl Jam

"18 Days" by Hafish

"Oi! to the World" by the Vandals

"Strict-9" - Local H. Apparently I went out of turn with this one...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

90s Off, updated

"One More Suicide"

"I Could Have Lied"

"Big Dipper"

"Liza and Louise"


Anyway, Soon: Whaam! Dec. 4, 2009

"To Forfeit"

"I, the Destroyer"

"A Sea of Empty Stares"

"Eyes Unblinking"

"Sands of a Concrete Shore"

Academic paper as a word could

update 4:06 - just noticed the Freudian typo in the title. It should have been "cloud" instead of "could." I've decided to keep it there.
created at TagCrowd.com

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Sayin'

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Dying Old Lady here needs someone to come to her defense, because Not Yet Dying Old Man clearly has no (pop) concept of causality in time travel, or the butterfly effect for that matter. Still, what a fun question: if given the chance to travel back in time, do you kill Hitler or foil Oswald?

Conspiracy theory answer: Oswald didn't kill Kennedy. Might as well kill Hitler since that actually happened. It's kinda like watching Doc Brown punch in December 25, 0000 into the Delorean in the first Back to the Future, telling Marty that he could witness the birth of Christ. Big assumption there. At the very least, it's pretty likely that Jesus wasn't born on Christmas. I guess Brown was too busy worshiping some dude named Scott that he apparently finds pretty great (ow, that pun hurts!).

Pseudo-rational answer: Kill Hitler. If World War II hadn't happened, or at least if it hadn't happened in that way, there may have been no cold war. If there was no Cold War, the United States would have quite different during a Kennedy presidency. Of course, that assumes that Kennedy would still be elected in what would likely have been a very different political climate. According to the Internet, Kennedy once swam over a mile in the Pacific ocean while pulling an injured officer along. That's pretty badass, and if there hadn't been a WWII Kennedy might not have earned his baadassery stripes, and might never have gained the political clout to become President. This would mean that we might not have had a leader who championed the causes that Kennedy did. I think I'd rather prevent Hitler from genocide, but I do wonder what civil rights legislation in this country would look like if not for Kennedy.

The What About Love answer: When did Dying Old Lady and Not Yet Dying Old Man meet? If was after the assassination of Kennedy, then I wouldn't go back in time at all, at least if I valued my own happiness against global/national happiness. Given Old Man's attitude, I kind of assume this to be the case, as it seems he values global/national happiness over the happiness of two people. If it was after Hitler, but before Kennedy, and assuming you still wanted an existence with your "signif," stop Oswald, because killing Hitler might create a butterfly effect where you two don't meet, but by the time Kennedy's shot, you're relationship will have already been underway. If the two met before WWII, go ahead and kill Hitler. That bastard ruined a mustache style for the rest of history.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Round 9 & 10

Round 9:


Then outta nowhere, Hoffie came and challenged me to Round 10:


Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Are the Ones We Believe In

For every time I am caught off guard
for every lie my throat catches
a fragmented piece tossed aside
its carbon trail decodes my eye
I slip down a rung
and fall further behind,

not that I mind.

I'm waiting for a system
to split the skies tonight
I'm waiting for an ember
to make the skies ignite

For every disaster that's left a wreck
for every lie that no one will catch
the pieces together won't fit
my words it is time to admit
that we're fooling no one
we all improvise,

(The sky's afire tonight)
not that I mind
(oh mother I hope it comes soon)
not that I mind
(the sky's afire tonight)
The one constant thing
(oh father I hope it comes soon)
that has bound us together
(the sky's afire tonight)
has ripped at the seams
(oh brother I hope it comes soon)
now our spirits untethered
(the sky's afire tonight)
we're whispers of nothing
(oh lover I hope it comes soon)
and nothing is all that they'll find
(we are the ones we believe in)
we are the ones we believe in.

These fragments must somehow connect
or soon we will be all that's left
This only determines the rest of our lives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bonus Track

Round 5-8

Round 5:


Round 6:


Round 7:


Round 8:


Rounds 2 - 4

Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


The Battle Thus Far

So my friend Shithead (pronounced "Shith-eed') and I began a 90s off today, where we basically just send each other YouTube videos of us playing 90s covers.

Here are the rules:

1) It doesn't need to be perfect. One take. Practice all you want before hand.
2) No song may be repeated.
3) No artist may be used consecutively by either dueler.
4) Artists may be used consecutively by opposing d...uelers during the same round.
5) Must play at least the verse and the chorus.
6) Although the duelers must rock, the song itself may be of any genre.
7) Rules may be added, Calvin Ball style, by either dueler at any time, provided the rule is submitted in writing. New rules need not be approved by the opposing dueler.
8) New rules will not take effect until the next round.

To watch the battle unfold, it's best to subscribe to our YouTube channels:
Mine, and Shithead's.

Or if you're lucky enough to be my Facebook friend that probably works too.

Round 1:


Monday, October 5, 2009


Children invent words
like God, spend their lives trying
to understand them.

Children invent words
like Gods spend their lives trying
to understand them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Slightly Slanted

A ruled line, an enjoyed baseball card deco, belongs to a pillow fortress
as if to say--having carried out a clear cut of a triangular sandwich
with my wedge--that life was scathing. I will feel it as an adult too deeply,

attached to it like a button that's late and we will eat mashed potatos
in the room where the bad smell of an old book is and and we will doze off
tomorrow. I sit down on a peanut butter punctuation mark cleansed with some salt.

Content provided by Yellow

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Brief Love Poem

(I just didn't realize mine was so high).

At first I thought
I was beneath you.

Then I realized we were on the same level
For maximum enjoyment, highlight the space between the title and the poem.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yellow and I made this, and also this.

You should make your own and share your links in the comments.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lyrics: Colour in the Air

Here again waiting for sunrise
waiting for the world to return
compulsively rise into my role
shaking aspiration away
collecting somedays
for so many lost days
watched the colours all fade
on photographs with no dates

Didn’t have a chance
didn’t take the time
didn’t take the risk; she walked by
didn’t have the agency to act
she looks to the sky satellites alight
detect her every sigh
but they can’t predict how we’ll act.
Hold now I wanted to tell her
stop and see the colour in the air
don’t become my someday
let’s create a today
don’t be an anonymous face
faded photgraph with no date
Doesn’t anyone care
there’s a colour in the air?
But she’ll always walk by
you will always walk by

there’s no trust anymore people say
never an ideal circumstance
these webs we weave, these mythologies
built around the dream of a second chance
We forget our somedays
let our pipedreams just fade
here in the dusk of our days
we are photographs with no dates
It’s already today
it’s already too late.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sent to the office
as kids, well-behaved adults
return willingly.


Stomach trouble lets you walk
a little boy in space

His Mom and a lot of daddies go
cheerfully up and down.

A boy asks a mom what she and the daddy did.
"Oh," she explains,"your daddy has a big stomach
and I must be able to sometimes help flatten it."

A boy says that you waste your time, that
when you go for shopping,

the next woman
can get down on her knee

and get it right back up.

Text found and bastardized here and using this

Thursday, August 20, 2009

(This is based on a real experiment performed in the conveyed place)

Please put eight monkeys in a room.
There is a ladder common to
a banana, which I hung
from a hook on the ceiling of a room.

Whenever a monkey is going to climb a ladder,
all monkeys are sprayed with cold water
and are miserable.


Thank you for your letter refusing my
application of a job in your company.

I abnormally received refusal from the
organizations which had big numerical spirit.

Many companies found me inappropriate,
and--after careful consideration--I am sorry.


I attack him without all of the other monkeys,
expecting the spray when the monkey tries
to climb a ladder and beat me up. Neither of eight
monkeys tries to climb a ladder so far.

Then an original monkey is got rid of
and a new monkey is put in a room.
I watch a banana and a ladder, and wonder
why no other monkeys does an axiom.
However, the new one is not daunted,
and begins to climb the ladder immediately.


I think that what I can tell you about being impossible
is that I accept your refusal to be that to me.

The situation changes
and a person can never know
when a new demand for refusal produces it.


And as for the other monkey,
responsibility depends on him
and he swats it till he becomes stupid.

I don't understand him.
However, he doesn't try anymore
to climb a ladder.

The second original monkey is got rid of
and I am switched. A newcomer tries to climb
a ladder again, but all other monkeys bang on his junk.

I include a new monkey before participating in pommeling.
However, he doesn't understand why he attacks a new monkey.


In trying to refuse the employment to me,
please do not consider this letter to be
criticism of your qualification.


All original monkeys are replaced one by one.
There are eight new monkeys now in a room.

None try to climb a ladder: I will beat
up even a new monkey trying it

without understanding why; it is how
a policy of most companies is established.


In rejecting a future candidate,
I pray for the best of luck for you.

Text found and bastardized
here, and here, and using this

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's not so much a matter of inside or outside
but a sense of places they can and cannot go
their inability to understand why
and their indifference to the whole thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hints and Tips

Please put an apple in a bag with a potato
to isolate a potato from germination.

A potato will take a food coloring agent from your finger.
I make a live potato rise against a coloring agent with water.

Please rub it
Please use it

(your pancake)

to knead a meat baster to a hot plate
and to "squeeze" powder.

Please finish
a pancake is formed every time

When I use a banana,
I confirm that my slice is covered up by juice.

Please lower it
you will notice that a banana won't change color

Please cover the outside in an old bar of soap
before using it to clean bread.

When there is a step to paint, please draw a person first;
when he/she/it is dry, please paint the person you omitted.

In this way a step will be fastened inside.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The emails: spamscams

Because I was brought up,
a house, a baby without a mother,
married to my husband who died
between 20 years and terms of life,
we lived in London, in the motor accident.

My husband was London, and was fatal.
And I who decided that I didn't marry again
from his death sold a possession
succeeded to of all of me
and deposited all money in London

This money was still a bank
and I didn't operate a description
for a disease for a long time now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


If I intended to talk about this,
I thought that these moments defined me--
somehow or other--after all,
and I must take up a meaning like a method

to feel indignant at people, but was afraid
of showing a weakness from when I was caught
talking to my friends about the sun
so that my underpants shined.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The emails: spamscams

Friend that dear,

I am Emelia, Mrs. Brown.
I put on the damage by time.

It is 68 years old, and
a cancer of the lungs--

which similarly affected
my condition from my brain--

by all indications really
deteriorates me from U.S.A.

The reason is because
the stage which is elaborate

and doesn't tear off
told me that I mustn't live

for the next two months.
According to my doctor,

I arrived at the stage
which isn't very good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The emails: spamscams

This email uses a company statement above and an invitation to
I take several years and we accumulated very valuable experience of
our business
and we are proud of what we insist unless we are inferior to that
We look for the reliable people which can act as a position of our
and the receiving payment agent which will act as a position of the
media reach
among us in an area of a district you have exclusive relations with
one another

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Build-It-Yourself Solar Panel Guides

It is the solar panel guide,
which is easier than you may think.
Build it to make house
energy solution of your own.

As for the better thing, these,
guiding it is it to be able to be found
easily online.
All which is demanded from you

is voluntary will.
To bring these guides
for a little good use of heavy labor,
you build a solar panel system

of your own from one of the guides
who are these uses first by a beginning;
if is ready, as for the best method to begin,
there is a system for your finance,

and little studies to find.
Whether it is necessary,
it is suitable of energy.
Fortunately, there are a lot of big websites

and a lot of reliable information
to offer a useful review too,
if you need a small light person stab.
A package of education, probably,

to get up with video instructions
of one step one step,
whether you are a DIY beginner
is the best thing you put together.

These videos are ideal
if you often are just begun
by a lot of corners,
so that you can watch

all who need it, whom you know.
Nothing is left for imagination.
Similarly, I am big;
most better guides delete

an unconditional repayment guarantee
and when it thinks about many products
not having such a guarantee
because of too much in a house energy market.

It (Please be careful about it)
is a guarantee of quality of I mark.
If you work on a budget, build yourself.
A solar panel guide offers information

about how a project should be reduced.
Actually, these guides offer value
to balance with, really, either expenditure.
When they think about that

commercial solution of 2000,
that system resembles tens of thousands of dollars,
and, therefore, you can break your bank
if you search the best business for a part!

Besides, I auction off online services,
and it can be bought on eBay,
and other reliable retailers, easily.
An item such as the the other photovoltaic cell

that it can be found in your local hardware store,
most of these components. Energy bills
of your every month got together,
and it was able to be reduced

as soon as you installed solar panel
of a house of your own. I succeeded
in enlarging a system; that was enough.
He brought the basic knowledge

that increased and though I completely went
to the use that some people were good,
I am supported by excellence,
and please make a solar panel guide

in yourself, and you can
finally use energy of the sun
without driving it into bankruptcy.
Thus please begin what you wait for today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Because I love Yellow

-- from "Paterson," by William Carlos Williams

Because an opening is surely an end,
we go over complexity and know nothing.

It is pure and simple,
but I am the same at about one bit--
the end--

and it is an opening because it exchanges it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The emails


I will keep it by these, but there is a boot near.
I think that a jacket in a wedding ceremony
will be too just citified, a white shirt, a pin.

Please put a Johnny Reb worker, the cigarette
below! And I can't smoke between ceremonies!
I said that it was poor that he was accompanied

between sermons. If we should have been able
to postpone a wedding ceremony between
another two months, the bridegroom would

save enough money for one pair of black shoes.
I said that his tennis shoes held was black,
trimming it in him. It is good enough.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The emails


A wedding ceremony of a year,
I introduce a wedding reception:

As for the people looking splendid
with a handsome horsekeeper first,

there is no it in Thailand red,
black-tie Thailand, caring for

Mass confusion, all which I understood.
Let's equal one line for a photograph.

Let's look... where should we do so?
I crawl! I am perfect! Please move fast,

how about all! In the immediate other side,
before a garage, it will be destructive!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The emails


To create fro-hat ninjas,
to reach it, there is creativity
if a creature doesn't give
you money for a hat.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The emails


Sexual view of discrimination,
the ill-natured woman whom
is ugly complains about it.

The free candy which a chance
doesn't assume, so it is a cat.
This man seems legally. I don't

merely mind the incentive
that it isn't over, that I am
a sluggard. As for the beer,

that it makes the profanity,
that a body of one ticket to one
hell is good for, it is not once

that it was. For a wonderful,
more interesting, striped mullet,
to know that you are better

than beauty. Somebody, eyes
of a looking person have it,
probably OK won't be so.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The emails


The cool that you may be
so cools off. However,
you won't be four chills
of a collar broken pop
by any means, a King
that is really good.

If MySpace does Jesus of
hateful Christ by any chance,
it is racial discrimination.
The army doesn't ask it;
don't understand it.

When it can be a cure,
not a problem, jealousy
sometimes wears a coat
and that cancer swings
in a corridor, I smoke.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The emails


Let's do either Coke!
Because you finally hit
the hateful song master—
Rodgers especially—
and Coke.

You were able to breathe it
by a unique method of your own.

I do Guitar Hero.
In other words,
all of us are behind
with intelligence.

An only penguin of a walk does it
in a cute terrible woman,
breathing oneself.

As for the ball that doesn't go
unsteadily, always with fuckin
brothers, please watch power.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The emails


Booty, or a difference, obtains.
Therefore, it merely barely carries it,
which a church should have become.

Please be afraid of it. I will let you
tell your underpants, your gym teacher,
a lie, that wise carrier choice.

Techno Viking, the only person who can
delete Zipper Norris’ Church of God,
whom there is few names that doubt why

it can't be answered (searches in Google),
searches in Google can't do,
so answers your question.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


I did the post for fear that other people will miss a chance here,
but the kidnapper who is made to receive the judgment of the law,
that a rape, criminal, poisoner, murderer, prostitute, and a newspaper
emphasized that I wasn't able to always decide combinations on a birthday.

As for me and the time of the constipated bureau, where they come by
understanding to wake up a panic, to remember the thing
that you are too sociable now, and still cute, and this spread out
for a period of so Victoria when you looked such lovely
so that they wheeze, and says a juice fellow "I am time"

To use a haiku on a birthday of me,
who shouldn't have done so

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


The smile of me whom, by the way,
happiness leaves it, and I who am

a point intense moe which is so this which is
a thing of intense moe which is so

happiness will have of intense moe which
liquor in one mug seems to embrace each other,

and can sit on you did you to a cake, but
you, liquor, you who dislike that I am bought

eventually, and bake instead. Breathe it
so that chillax can do my poetry

on the birthday when your apartment
and Cruise are happy; however, chase it,

and who gives a fuck?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


Even if your option chooses a man
of what kind of type that you who are so
appears, and there is going to be a building,

O’ Reilly, that can please you, whom there is.
Girls aren't your friends or toy friends or
Kidco, and the women that it is impossible

that you whom you have watches it,
and the maturity movie that a toy is
splendid becomes a man for a body

or feelings, who called it should be pleased
by you, Mr. Perfect Bernie, a purple dinosaur,
a characteristic of Hilary ostentatious person

with boys please shout
that I pray for good luck
on your choice

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


While it seems that sleep with a lump of the blue rose mallow,
which a person of this delicious dish can't have enough,
as for me, I revisit a lettuce bed. A kite, after an interval
for one hour, will call me with a monologue of a tortoise
on the top. I criticized it, and met you; when you, who they think
is older now, and that one I should be say when I particularly appear
without that thing, except it, and there is it that is some importance
about your manhood (a person) who are surprised.
Hear it so well once to criticize it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


When you
whom I search inside
get up, it is good,
and the person who feels
you left it being nice
and I am glad of having
you, whom a researcher noticed
people being attracted
at the same time
that you disappear
and to be guilty,
says the psychologist,
liking optimism in spite
of a thing knowing
that it may not be so.


Inherently people attracted
that team of neurologists,
found a warm place (me),
or a kite entreating
that I am those things--
arms themselves, or
that it is a foot.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


Generally you aren't importance at all
most of your hair leave it (so far), and, by the
time when you are true, it was loved and your eyes
fall forth and you are sloppy about a joint, but
I become very poor because you can't be ugly
on a true road edge, except that a bee can distinguish
an individual face to the people who don't understand that
a butterfly and a moth memorize life of a potato insect.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


It is anything
which you can't get
till the second Ph1 world study
of Gemcitabine/Erlotinib/MK
which 0646 undergoes
for a patient having impossible
worse pancreatic cancer.

The reason why doesn't have poetry
to people whom it takes with it,
have a blade or it often breaks through
for the foolishness that it is.

It easily is sharp or must be detained
carefully right after you need it anatomically.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


I don't suffer from avian influenza.
In a grave of what it should be,
surprised at that window up,
it gives a shock.

We went over defense before the details
to expect that I close your belt
with a buckle, not your chair.

Inhumation, so that you deduct
who were privatized by the women
who most break from the inceptions

for position improvement of oneself--
still more--bury a body in a subway.

From in front of the first century, a pin
from the top that pants downward
in the same way when intended

so that there is more, and probably there is,
so that the latest lady's man-pin
raises it, or seven Indonesians.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday: Iteration Two.


I declared that she wanted somebody like her:
the first “Edward” on the wrapped food.

The cups, which difference made with
a facility to travel about water in the South

Pacific islands today, could make still more
so that the process that the nut, which was easy

to decay, brushed 100% of a vegetable diet
and a text stored in a bottle in Fiji, and shipped.

You drank it, and my defeated girlfriend
has begun to consider me. To have demanded

a copy of a book, of her dim light, which talked
about the vampire she was--imaginary from her--

that Edward, whom she attacked, was so.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


I remember that (similarly, you are still cute now).
Spread out for a period in Victoria, at a time when
you-who-makes-a-social-panic looked so lovely.

A kidnapper was involved with a prostitute,
who was made to receive a constipated bureau,
and the newspaper which has always emphasized that

which I could understand: criminals, poisoners, murderers.
At the judgment of law to rape, I wheeze and juice; a fellow
said that I wasn't able to decide combinations on birthdays.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


My smile is only a thing of intense Moe,
which, by the way, embraces Happiness,
but happiness leaves it to be a thing of Moe,
which is intense, and this so intense, Moe,
that liquor in one mug can sit on you.

I would make a cake for you, but it is a phobia.
Eventually I will bake; I bought liquor for you instead;
and thus do you chillax in your apartment and
go cruising; Happy Birthday! However I chase it, and,
despite the suction of my poetry, who gives a fuck?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


Girls aren't your friends or toys. While women should be pleased
by you, a toy pleases you with friends. There is the splendid maturity

movie which I was invited to, it is called “Kidco." It is impossible
for you to become a man with a body and feelings without watching it.

You must decide whether you are going to be a man and what kind.
Your option complies of O’ Reilly, Mr. Perfect, Bernie, a purple dinosaur

and Hilary the ostentatious person. I have a character; please call it,
and watch "Boys Don't Cry.” Good luck about your choice.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


I criticize it, and am surprised by a kite;
if I criticize it, and I meet you, I will invite us for me.

While it should sleep with a lump of the blue rose,
a person can't have enough of this delicious dish,

it is a tortoise’s monologue about revisiting a lettuce bed
after an interval for one hour. You are older now

and I, for one, think that it should be time to speak
important things about manhood (becoming a person).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


I noticed that a researcher was attracted
to the people that people were attracted to.

Though I finally knew that a thing mightn't be good,
a team of psychologists and a neurologist noticed

that a person liked optimism inherently. I am guilty,
and I crawl in the warm place that you leave

when you get up and I am glad to have you
at the time that you disappear, to feel it.

Whether it is that thing’s arms--or mine--holding a kite,
and whether I ask for almsgiving, I am similar.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


most of your hair leaves it (so far),
and, by the time you were true,
it was loved and your eyes fell forth
and you were sloppy about a joint
and I became very poor.

people whom I don't understand
aren’t important at all, because
you can't be ugly on the road’s edge
where you are true in this pursuit.

A butterfly and a moth memorize
life as a potato insect. A bee can
distinguish individual faces.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


For a patient it promoted pancreatic cancer.
It is impossible anatomically.
It is just right after you need it,
and experience is something you don't obtain.

Poetry is stupid
and I’m for it.

You who are becoming,
it needs a long time.
It is the reason that it doesn't have people,
or it often breaks easily,
or it has a sharp blade,
or must be detained carefully.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


Windows is finished: my pants go downward.
I am shocking, and probably what you should be.

Rather surprised was the pinup to have been assigned to
position oneself for improvement from the inceptions,

higher than in the first century, and almost the same as
what is aimed at so that a lady's man, pinup of the present

age, is so. I surpass defense before the details defeat deducts.
You wish you tighten your belt with a buckle not your chair.

So that Inhumation buries a body in a basement or a grave,
seven Indonesians don't suffer from avian influenza.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday: Iteration One.


A text found by the top of
wrapped food. All cups
can produce difference.

I was considered to be
in a facility to treat a nut.
It is easy to decay.

A 100% vegetarian
is on duty in a bottle in Fiji.
I was sent to you.

My girlfriend declared
that she wanted somebody
more like her, and traveled

to the South Pacific
Islands to drink water, and
abandoned me over Edward.

I asked her who Edward was. She
put up a copy of her book "Dawn."
She talked about an aerial vampire.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


As for me, the small quantity
that a splendid secret is
mysterious here is to be
the dirty men's underwear
whom you found on the inside

I'm sorry, as for me,
you knew which boxer briefs you
liked, but I wasn't able to find any.


The sun where your center
became on (listen)
is your center,
and your beginning
isn't your brain,
and your heart is in condition
to expel it, and please find it.
How much that can think,
that I watch,
that I crush a trust,
and a trespasser remembers
what will be violated.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am really shoddy skin,
and my daughter likewise.
However leather - I am a rock.
I must have leather.

Yes, and we walk by
a measured base on balls
and it will become late
and, as for us, a white

arrow is going to aim at
a child, and chalk will be
accompanied by a trace and,
as for the children,

the sidewalk knows the place that is over.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It isn't the people who aren't even in the place
where some people say where the President is,
or the government insisting that
I know where the President is.

The President didn't decide where he was.

Thus I think that we were able to watch it
from the viewpoint that we got of balance (so far).
You must put a credit nail of a square
in a hall of a square, not vice versa.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Brandi, on her birthday


You can go down stairs
but not up, the opposite
of your bovine friends.

Happy 27th Brandi

Friday, February 6, 2009


Please do not employ
a person with the cock
which this washing machine,
Sexually, is new to.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Ah, teamwork, that's good to see."

Yellow and I made this today:

"Man Loses Shoe While Walking to the Corner Store to Buy Corn Chips and Booze"

Broken bottle cuts
my damn foot. Disinfect with
a fifth of Jim Beam.


A treatment unit of heat is ice.
An optical lighting equipment increase device
is a window washing machine.
When it shut down a factory, it is a term
used by an iron manufacture company of Pittsburgh
it is indefinite, and to idle away.
And he is better soon without doubt
and his thing suffers from a nervous breakdown
and is hospitalized, but will run around madly.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today, in honor Groundhog's Day, I didn't wake up until 1

Though it was good,
the surface was able to talk.
It was found, a dirty white dog.
I look like a mouse.
While there was few,
it appeared (so far).
There is no neckband.
It had better be a reward

Saturday, January 31, 2009


A government office says
that a jeopardized Briton
of the top of the sexual intercourse league
where murder is casual
isn't for investigation.
To deserve admiration,
to clarify that we don't
choose a partner by world haiku
(I am time), but, as for the end
doesn't sometimes do sense
which there isn't in your limit.

Friday, January 30, 2009


As for the camping,
a rose color player
the backward top of a colon
shuts out interest of health
a reader / audience colon scan
backend of a rotation of socks;
what is particularly dependent on,
is late for a colon, and will begin it,
and children and insurance
and pay it for unpleasantness of Colonoscopy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A role of a leading goose
is to escape from wind
on other geese. He ran
around like a cock
in a state of his cut foot off.

It is all water under the rear of a camel.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today, the sequel

Unfortunately my answers were brown
soup drained into a restroom
like your hope and heart's desire.

Please be sitting down for all the performances.


The moth which noticed
that a melon found cornflakes
always found a melon.

One of you didn't choose right wealth.

Friday, January 16, 2009


The hotel set receives
Accept the silver
The mulberry takes

Bent the outside line please
stir the first "0" behind
stir the telephone number

The room telephone number
please stir the
room number direction

In the hotel
which a set receives,
a room phone number

to recognize
that the first silver
(people) to rummage

"0" rummages
in a phone number behind
how about line bent

mulberry photography
from the outside stirs
a room number direction

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


He doesn't have a bowel movement (till now)
48 years can be elaborate,
somewhat normal for him

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And good morning...

The week shook the remains
of fish discarded chicken soup
beet soup is not like fish soup

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have a blog now.

More to come at a time that is not now. Until then, remember:

The week beats the fish soup
The chicken hates the soup of
That day a soup.