Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Are the Ones We Believe In

For every time I am caught off guard
for every lie my throat catches
a fragmented piece tossed aside
its carbon trail decodes my eye
I slip down a rung
and fall further behind,

not that I mind.

I'm waiting for a system
to split the skies tonight
I'm waiting for an ember
to make the skies ignite

For every disaster that's left a wreck
for every lie that no one will catch
the pieces together won't fit
my words it is time to admit
that we're fooling no one
we all improvise,

(The sky's afire tonight)
not that I mind
(oh mother I hope it comes soon)
not that I mind
(the sky's afire tonight)
The one constant thing
(oh father I hope it comes soon)
that has bound us together
(the sky's afire tonight)
has ripped at the seams
(oh brother I hope it comes soon)
now our spirits untethered
(the sky's afire tonight)
we're whispers of nothing
(oh lover I hope it comes soon)
and nothing is all that they'll find
(we are the ones we believe in)
we are the ones we believe in.

These fragments must somehow connect
or soon we will be all that's left
This only determines the rest of our lives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bonus Track

Round 5-8

Round 5:


Round 6:


Round 7:


Round 8:


Rounds 2 - 4

Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


The Battle Thus Far

So my friend Shithead (pronounced "Shith-eed') and I began a 90s off today, where we basically just send each other YouTube videos of us playing 90s covers.

Here are the rules:

1) It doesn't need to be perfect. One take. Practice all you want before hand.
2) No song may be repeated.
3) No artist may be used consecutively by either dueler.
4) Artists may be used consecutively by opposing d...uelers during the same round.
5) Must play at least the verse and the chorus.
6) Although the duelers must rock, the song itself may be of any genre.
7) Rules may be added, Calvin Ball style, by either dueler at any time, provided the rule is submitted in writing. New rules need not be approved by the opposing dueler.
8) New rules will not take effect until the next round.

To watch the battle unfold, it's best to subscribe to our YouTube channels:
Mine, and Shithead's.

Or if you're lucky enough to be my Facebook friend that probably works too.

Round 1:


Monday, October 5, 2009


Children invent words
like God, spend their lives trying
to understand them.

Children invent words
like Gods spend their lives trying
to understand them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Slightly Slanted

A ruled line, an enjoyed baseball card deco, belongs to a pillow fortress
as if to say--having carried out a clear cut of a triangular sandwich
with my wedge--that life was scathing. I will feel it as an adult too deeply,

attached to it like a button that's late and we will eat mashed potatos
in the room where the bad smell of an old book is and and we will doze off
tomorrow. I sit down on a peanut butter punctuation mark cleansed with some salt.

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