Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Brief Love Poem

(I just didn't realize mine was so high).

At first I thought
I was beneath you.

Then I realized we were on the same level
For maximum enjoyment, highlight the space between the title and the poem.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yellow and I made this, and also this.

You should make your own and share your links in the comments.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lyrics: Colour in the Air

Here again waiting for sunrise
waiting for the world to return
compulsively rise into my role
shaking aspiration away
collecting somedays
for so many lost days
watched the colours all fade
on photographs with no dates

Didn’t have a chance
didn’t take the time
didn’t take the risk; she walked by
didn’t have the agency to act
she looks to the sky satellites alight
detect her every sigh
but they can’t predict how we’ll act.
Hold now I wanted to tell her
stop and see the colour in the air
don’t become my someday
let’s create a today
don’t be an anonymous face
faded photgraph with no date
Doesn’t anyone care
there’s a colour in the air?
But she’ll always walk by
you will always walk by

there’s no trust anymore people say
never an ideal circumstance
these webs we weave, these mythologies
built around the dream of a second chance
We forget our somedays
let our pipedreams just fade
here in the dusk of our days
we are photographs with no dates
It’s already today
it’s already too late.